Welcome to Winter Dreams Siberian Huskies!

Located in the small town of, Newark Texas (about 10 miles, north west, of Fort Worth) we are the proud parents of two beautiful huskies. Kateri is our all white, “plush” coat female. And Kassius, is our “semi wooly” agouti, male.
These two are our family and have been raised indoors around people of all ages. They have the sweetest personalities! Kateri LOVES people! She can’t get enough lovin. Kassius is our intimidating looking boy but don’t let his looks fool you, he is the sweetest ever! He talks and talks and talks to us whenever he has something to say…and he always has something to say 🙃. He’s a teddy bear and he too, loves lots of attention and lovin from anyone who is willing to dish it out.

We are excited to be able to produce some amazing offspring from these two. They are sure to not only be beautiful, but also SUPER sweet! We look forward to finding homes for each of our puppies that will treat each one as part of their family. We want them to be spoiled and loved like they deserve to be. Are you that kind of family?